The Tuscany Marvel book

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The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all the senses, a creative incubator where art and architecture were born in Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and modern times. In the city squares stand old churches, which in the nineteenth century had the role of stops on great journeys. Rolling wheat hills and colorful olive groves that inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine are dotted with villas. The Tyrrhenian Sea surrounds the coast of Elba, the island where Emperor Napoleon was exiled. Scattered across a landscape almost as diverse as the communities are charming villages, historic and bustling towns. Tuscany is truly defined by its timelessness, as the masterpieces of past centuries still attract huge crowds.


The book has 312 pages and is in English.<br>
Contains over 200 illustrations.<br>
Silk hardcover. <br>
Book weight: 2.72 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 38 mm<br>
Width: 254 mm<br>