Provence Glory book

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From big cities to charming towns and everything in between, Provence has something for everyone. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Calanque de Sormiou in Marseille. Take a car ride through the lavender fields in Valensol. Try freshly baked fougasse, a Provençal classic. Admire the beautiful white Camargue horses native to the area. Located in the south of France, Provence is a unique cultural blend of the Mediterranean, where Roman monuments from the 1st century AD are still preserved. Together with the palaces of the Middle Ages, they create a diverse heritage, which is enriched by indigenous mimosas and cypresses.


The book has 312 pages and is in English.<br>
Contains over 200 illustrations. <br>
Silk hardcover.<br>
Book weight: 2.72 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 33 mm<br>
Width: 248 mm<br>