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On the island of the winds, Mykonos, located in the Cyclades and surrounded by the blue-green waters of the Aegean Sea, we find white walls and windmills. Along with the rest of the Greek islands, which are mythologized as the bodies of gods slain by Hercules in antiquity, it is older than legend and has hosted many cultures for more than a millennium. This book is a chronicle of the culture and society that has marked Mykonos over the last century - from the time it was the hideout of personalities and elites such as Le Corbusier and Antonis Benakis to the moment it became a haven for the gay community and the dominant entertainment scene , and at the same time delights the reader with the ruins and myths that are hidden there.


The book has 300 pages and is in English.<br>
Contains over 200 illustrations. <br>
Silk hardcover.<br>
Book weight: 2.9 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 39 mm<br>
Width: 246 mm<br>