The book Maximalism by Sig Bergamin

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Architect and designer Sig Bergamino's bold Brazilian style is evident in his vibrant, eclectic works. A self-described "maximalist", Bergamin travels constantly and likes to collect valuables from around the world. His designs, in which French and Italian furnishings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries seamlessly intertwine with contemporary pieces from North and South America, are an exquisite blend of elegance. Bergamin pays a lot of attention to each client's home for which he works, combining various pieces into a cohesive, recognizable whole.


The book has 304 pages and is in English.<br>
Contains over 200 illustrations.<br>
Silk hardcover.<br>
Book weight: 3.0 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 39 mm<br>
Width: 250 mm<br>