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Many people think that parenthood means sacrificing stylish interiors, but these creatively designed homes show that's not true. When journalist Joni Vandewalle's daughter was born, she was dismayed to discover that children's rooms and play areas were expertly hidden in most home design magazines. In this book, he presents the homes of 25 young families in which toys brighten up the interior, children are a source of energy and joy, and parents without hesitation sacrifice living space to provide children with smartly arranged bedrooms, colorful play corners and creative storage. The result? Over 200 pages of interior design advice on how to create a stylish, warm and happy family home for young and expectant parents.


The book has 224 pages and is in English.<br>
Book weight: 1 kg<br>

Height: 255 mm<br>
Depth: 24 mm<br>
Width: 195 mm<br>