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Hamptons Private invites readers to peek behind a manicured hedgerow in Amagansett, charter a yacht on the Springs Coast, experience the surfer's paradise of Ditch Plains, and attend a polo match in Bridgehampton. Each page of the book provides a glimpse into a quintessential Hampton leisure experience, while imbued with a unique light that artist Willem de Kooning described as miraculous. In the book, we can almost hear the hits of tennis balls at The Meadow Club, the echoes of exclusive parties, the rhythms of the music at Surf Lodge, even the first bite of the lobster roulade at Lunch. Both a haven in nature and a hot spot for celebrities, the Hamptons exudes a boho-chic spirit that is reflected in its beautiful people and extraordinary surroundings.


The book has 316 pages and is in English.<br>
Contains over 200 illustrations.<br>
Silk hardcover.<br>
Book weight: 2.72 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 38 mm<br>
Width: 254 mm<br>