Gstaad Glam book

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In the southwestern part of Switzerland, the picturesque resort of Gstaad is located among the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps. Filled with exclusive ski clubs and a fur-clad jet set, the town is the definition of Alpine chic, reflected in the lavish family-owned Gstaad Palace, the members-only restaurant The Eagle and the high-fashion boutiques that line the town's main promenade. The combination of luxury and silence therefore attracted many celebrities. Although glitz and glamor abound, local tradition and culture are always nearby. This beautiful book showcases the elegant traditions and unexpected treasures of Gstaad, whether it's the Pinte Bar at Hotel Olden, which exudes genuine charm, or a farm on the outskirts of town, which showcases a beautiful pastoral lifestyle.


The book has 300 pages and is in English. <br>
Contains over 200 illustrations.<br>
Silk hardcover.<br>
Book weight: 3.13 kg<br>

Height: 330 mm<br>
Depth: 36 mm<br>
Width: 250 mm<br>